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  • September 18, 2019
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Ancient Scotland’s Picts developed writing system as early as 1,700 years ago

Ancient Scotland’s Picts developed writing system as early as 1,700 years ago

The Romans were never in a position to exert their dominance over each of Britain due to the fierce resistance of northern tribes known as the Picts, meaning ‘Painted Ones’ in Latin. The Picts constituted the kingdom that is largest essay writing in Dark Age Scotland until they disappeared from history at the end of the very first millennium, their culture having been assimilated by the Gaels. But but not quite definitely is known about these people who dominated Scotland for hundreds of years, evidence implies that that Pictish culture was rich, perhaps having its own written language in place as soon as 1,700 years back, a new study found.

The Craw Stone at Rhynie, a granite slab with Pictish symbols which are considered to have been carved into the century AD that is 5th.

For a very long time, the ancient Roman Empire wanted to seize Scotland, known during Roman times as Caledonia. The province was your website of several resources that are enticing such as lead, silver, and gold. It had been also a matter of national pride for the Romans, who loathed being denied glory by some ‘savages’.

The romans never really conquered the whole of Scotland despite their best efforts. The farthest frontier that is roman Britain was marked because of the Antonine Wall, that was erected in 140 AD between the Firth of Forth as well as the Firth of Clyde, only to be abandoned two decades later following constant raiding by Caledonia’s most ferocious clans, the Picts.

But regardless of the constant conflicts, it seems like the Picts also borrowed some facets of Roman culture that they found useful, such as a written language system.

Researchers in the University of Aberdeen claim that mysterious stones that are carved some of the few relics left out by the Picts, may actually represent a yet to be deciphered system of symbols. Read More »

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